Natural based haircare

All Le Mélange hair care products are naturally based and vegan.

Our products contain numerous vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids and antioxidants. The ingredients of our hair oil are 100% natural, cold-pressed oils, which our hair needs to become strong, healthy and smooth. It also gives hair a natural shine.

The wonder oil for well-groomed hair

Natural gloss

Taken spikes? Please don’t! Le Mélange hair oil is perfect for giving stressed hair the necessary shine. Precious minerals and vitamins make it possible!

Protection and care

The secret of breathtaking hair is not really a secret, because it needs a product that combines care, protection and the optical added value. It is important that all components are also operated. In short: beautiful hair without care and protection? Impossible! This is why Le Mélange Hair Oil also offers the complete solution for beautiful and well-groomed hair.

Smooth hair

Trouble with the combing? Not with us. Our hair oil makes the hair easy to comb thanks to the tocopherol it contains and other unsaturated fatty acids. And by the way: Of course, the silky and smooth effect should not be missing!

Hair growth and volume

Voluminous hair – nowadays for many people this is a utopia. Why? Hair loss is increasing steadily. Our hair oil provides the hair and hair roots with the most important minerals and vitamins to give the hair what it really needs: Healthy growth!

Our products

Le Mélange Hairoil

Our classic is now also available in the sustainable glass bottle with pipette – good for the environment. Good for your hair. Good for you!

The sturdy bottle fits perfectly in the hand and is not affected by external circumstances. So you can take it with you on your travels without having to give up your Le Mélange premium hair care.

The new formula now contains a much stronger concentration of cold-pressed and native oils. In addition, the hair oil will no longer flocculate in the future as the coconut dosage has been adjusted. Now focus on hair care for professionals – with Le Mélange Premium Hair Care!

Le Mélange Conditioner

Soft and smooth hair should not remain a dream!

A relatively simple rule, right? Yes, actually, it is. Nevertheless, many people forget to use a high-quality conditioner after washing their hair.

The new Le Mélange Conditioner brings all the attributes necessary for shiny and strengthened hair, concentrated in one place. Its enormous power unfolds perfectly in the hair and on the scalp.

Our new addition has been enriched with fresh coconut water, panthenol, jojoba oil and wheat proteins.

Le Mélange Shampoo

The long wait is finally over, because the exclusive Le Mélange shampoo for demanding hair is now available! Haircare on a new level – this is what the originals from Le Mélange stand for.

As usual, only the finest materials find their way into Le Mélange bottles. The new shampoo, enriched and refined with premium coconut water, takes up the fight against dry hair! The addition of panthenol and wheat proteins provides the hair with a natural shine and the necessary moisture.

If you are fed up with the standard products on the market, you should reach for the premium shampoo from Le Mélange and experience a new care experience!

Le Mélange Curler Set

High quality curlers in a set? There are many possibilities in the world of accessories. But the Le Mélange 5 in 1 curler set definitely does not have to hide from the competition. On the contrary: the innovative technology behind the ceramic curlers knows how to convince all along the line.

No matter if curls without great effort or voluminous and at the same time unique waves – the easy handling and reliable technology provides a hair splendour which guarantees envious looks!

The 5 “heads” with different diameters leave nothing to be desired – promised!