Welcher Locken Typ bin ich?

Which curl type am I?

Not all curls are created equal - they range from gentle waves to tight curls and corkscrews. That curly hair has different care needs than straigh...

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Hair loss women

How to get back your thick, full hair We women love our hair - which is why it hurts all the more when we notice it thinning. Hair loss in women ca...

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Anti-Hairloss Treatment Le Mélange

Anti-Hairloss Treatment

Are you losing your hair or is your hair weak and easily damaged? Then our "Anti-Hairloss Treatment" is just the right thing for you to finally pu...

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Natural Curls Treatment Le Mélange

Natural Curl Treatment

Do you have natural curls and have you lost them through constant heat styling, dyeing or other hardships? Do you have frizzy hair and want to g...

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Our Curly Hairstyles Le Mélange

Our Curly Hairstyles

Small corkscrew curls bis too big signature waves? That's no problem with our large selection of attachments!High-quality curlers in a set...

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