The perfect facial care routine: simple & effective

Finding the right facial care routine is the be-all and end-all of healthy, radiant and clear skin. The key word is routine: there is no miracle product that will solve all your skin problems after one use. Instead, it's about using good products regularly. That's how your skin gets better bit by bit - be patient!

If you're looking for information on face care routine, you'll be blasted with information and products on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and even the internet. It can seem daunting. But we promise: Skin care doesn't have to be complicated.

The three cornerstones of a facial skincare routine.

There are countless serums, creams and masks for the skin, and they all have their place. But before you use these products, you first need a solid foundation for your skin care routine. This consists of three steps:

Facial Care Routine Step 1: Cleanser.

Makeup residue, dust, sweat and everything else that lands on our face in everyday life are among the main reasons for blemished skin. That's why it's important to invest in a good cleanser that will rid your skin of all foreign matter, so you can apply good products afterwards.

If you wear a lot of makeup, double-cleansing with an oil-based cleanser that binds the oils in the makeup and removes the coarsest from the skin and a cleansing foam that removes all makeup and oil residue is suitable.

If you wear little or no makeup, cleaning once with a cleansing foam or gel is enough. Make sure the cleanser is suitable for your skin type: dry skin, combination skin or oily skin. If your facial cleanser dries out your skin too much, it will lead to increased sebum production and blemishes. Likewise, if the cleanser is too oily for your skin.

Facial Routine Step 2: Moisturizer

In the second step of your facial care routine, you support the building of your natural skin protection barrier with a moisturizer or a facial oil. The right cream will soften your skin, make it glow, and nourish it richly without clogging pores. Should you notice more blemishes and pimples or irritated skin when using a moisturizer, it is not the right cream for you.

As a moisturizer, in addition to the cream, you can also use a Face oilwhich you can gently massage into the skin after cleansing. The massage will also increase blood circulation and collagen production, giving you firmer and more youthful skin over time.

If you tend to have very oily skin, you should use facial oil with caution, as it can lead to pimples. For dry skin, facial oil is a blessing in most cases, soothing and nourishing the skin.

Facial care routine step 3: Sun protection

In the skincare world, sunscreen is known as the holy grail. No serum or ingredient will have as much of a positive effect on your skin in the long run as sunscreen. It has been scientifically proven that skin that is protected from the sun ages much slower and stays firm and even for a long time. The effect of sun protection is not immediately visible. But the earlier you start, the better results you'll see as you get older.

That's why sunscreen is one of the three basic steps in a perfect skin care routine. With our Le Melange Face Cream with SPF you can combine steps 2 and 3 of your face care routine.

Once you have a stable facial routine, with products that are good for your skin, you can gradually add more things - Like serums, retinol or exfoliants. That way, when you try a new product, you'll know right away if you tolerate it or not.

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