Hair loss women

How to get back your thick, full hair

We women love our hair - which is why it hurts all the more when we notice it thinning. Hair loss in women can have many different causes. Here we explain what the causes are and what you can do to get your full, healthy mane back.

Women lose about 60 to 100 hairs a day. Especially when showering, it often seems as if we lose much more. But that's because all the loose hair that was left hanging when dry comes off in the shower. So a certain amount of hair loss is quite normal.

However, if you notice that you are really losing a lot of hair at once and your hair is thinning significantly, it's time to do something about it.

Hair loss women causes

To find the right treatment method, you first need to know where your hair loss is coming from. If you're not sure, you should talk to a doctor.

  • Hereditary hair loss women

For most women (and men) who struggle with hair loss, the cause is hereditary.

  • Hormonal hair loss

Hair loss in women often occurs after pregnancy. Other hormonal changes, such as the pill, can also cause hair loss.

We women know that severe stress also affects our hormones - Periods shift, we get more pimples or... We get hair loss. Severe stress is in many cases the reason for hair loss in women.

  • Hair loss caused mechanically

It is not a myth that too tight a braid will cause hair loss! If you often wear very tight hairstyles that put permanent traction on your hairline, you may lose more hair. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved by wearing looser hairstyles more often.

In general, frequent, intense styling and hair coloring can have a negative effect on your scalp.

  • Metabolic disorders

Among the biggest metabolic causes of hair loss in women is nutrient deficiency. For strong and full hair, it is important to eat healthy and, above all, enough. If you follow strict diets, your hair may suffer. With a balanced diet and additional vitamin supplements, your hair will continue to grow thicker and stronger.

However, there are also chronic metabolic disorders that can lead to hair loss. In this case, you need to talk to a doctor.

  • Chronic underlying diseases

Diseases such as hypothyroidism can be the cause of hair loss. In this case, the disease itself must be treated to stop hair loss. This is not the responsibility of cosmetic products, but of a doctor.

Hair loss women: What you can do

If your hair loss is hereditary or you think it is due to styling and coloring or stress in your everyday life, there are some wonderful care options that will give you thick and full hair again.

  • Hair oil against hair loss in women

Some hair oils are true miracle weapons against hair loss. These include rosemary oil, jojoba oil or olive oil - often in combination. These oils stimulate blood circulation, soothe the scalp and work against dandruff and hair loss.

Be sure to try our Le Melange Wonder Elixir: It contains all the essential oils, vitamins and minerals that will keep your scalp happy and your ends smooth. In fact, it's designed primarily to counteract hair loss in women!

You only need to massage a few drops into your scalp. You can also spread it into your tips for shiny, well-groomed hair.

You can leave the hair oil in your hair overnight so that the ingredients can take full effect. Wrap it loosely in a towel or other soft fabric to keep your pillow clean and your scalp extra warm.

The next morning, wash the oil out thoroughly with a rich, gentle shampoo. Our Le Melange shampoo is perfect for this: It gently removes any residue from your scalp without irritating it!

  • Scalp massage

The scalp massage goes hand in hand with the hair oil: Finally, you massage the hair oil into your scalp. This additionally promotes blood circulation - and it feels good too!

This is how you get thick, full hair again

A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is just as important as the right care. If you radiate from the inside, you will also radiate to the outside!

But sometimes that's not enough: hereditary hair loss, stress and hormones can still take a toll on our mane. Then it helps to let the nutrients work directly on the scalp and to promote blood circulation. So treat yourself once or twice a week to a relaxing scalp massage with Le Melange hair oil or our Wonder Elixir.

If your hair loss has other causes, such as chronic diseases, you should talk to a doctor. Then you can still enjoy a head massage, but medical treatment of the cause can help your hair even better.

And remember to be patient and gentle with yourself and your hair!

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