How to properly use hair oil for curls

Never again brittle and frizz curls.

Brittleness, frizz and dryness are among the arch enemies of every curly head. But with the right hair oil for curls, you can tame any mane, no matter how brittle, moisturize it and make it shine. We show you what to look for when buying hair oil for curls and how best to use it.

Hair oil curls: Why does curly hair look brittle and dry so quickly?

Basically, hair with a curly or wavy structure tends to be dry. The reason? The curls do not lie close to the scalp, so the natural sebum of the scalp is not distributed in the hair. With a good hair oil you can help nature a little here.

Which hair oil for curls?

The right hair oil for curls should not weigh down the hair. Instead, it should protect the hair from moisture loss, make it shine, tame frizz and define it.

Therefore, when you buy a hair oil for your curls, you should consider some no-goes when it comes to ingredients:

  • Silicones

You can recognize silicones on the list of ingredients by the suffix -cone or -xane. Why should you avoid them? Silicones leave so-called "build-up" on the hair. In the long run, your hair becomes heavy and weak. In addition, moisture no longer gets through here - silicones make your hair shine visually, but ensure even greater drying.

  • Alcohol

Not all alcohol is bad - in the right formula it even has many advantages. In most cases, alcohol acts as an emulsifier to combine two substances that wouldn't actually mix - oil and water, for example. Additionally, it makes other substances penetrate your hair better and as a preservative.

Unfortunately, alcohol as an ingredient in hair care products often has some unpleasant side effects. It dries out the hair strongly and thus promotes hair breakage and split ends.

So you don't always have to immediately run screaming when you read alcohol in the ingredients. But caution is advised. If you read these terms, you should avoid the product for your curls.

  • Alcohol Denat.
  • Ethanol, (Iso-)Propanol or Methanol
  • Ethyl Alcohol or SD Alcohol
  • Benzyl Alcohol or Phenetyl Alcohol

By the way, this doesn't just apply to curls - for straight hair, too, a natural-based hair oil without silicones or alcohol is the best way to achieve healthy, shiny hair.

Hair oil curls: How do I apply it correctly?

Proper application of hair oil for curls is key - after all, you want to avoid your hair looking greasy or losing its definition. The right application method depends on the structure of your hair. Do you have waves, real corkscrew curls or a thick afro?

Hair oil curls: Waves and corkscrew curls (2A to 3C/4C)

For hair types 2A to 3C/4a, we recommend using the hair oil in damp hair,

After your normal shampoo and conditioner routine, you can knead your hair oil into your mane - generously in the ends, but avoiding the scalp. While doing this, you can also start to define your curls by wrapping individual strands around your finger.

For an extra defined head of hair, you can use a diffuser blow dryer or use the "plopping method" to wrap wet hair upside down in a turban and let it dry overnight.

Hair Oil Curls: Afro and Coils (4B to 4C).

The situation is different for hair types 4B and 4C. Here, a hot oil treatment is great to use before washing your hair. You can heat your hair oil and massage it into your dry hair before shampooing. For this, it is best to divide it into several sections.

While working the oil into your hair, you can detangle your mane without risking hair breakage.

Then wrap a warm towel around your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. After that, you can continue with your normal hair washing routine.

Our hair oil for curls - Good for you, your hair and the environment!

Feel free to try our natural hair oil and share your results with us. No silicones or harmful ingredients, but packed to the brim with precious, nature-based oils that will nourish, define and make your curly locks shine. The oil does not weigh down the hair and thus provides healthy, silky shine without looking greasy, even on straight hair.

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