Intensive Haircare Treatment

You suffer from dry, damaged and dull hair?

Do you wish for silky and strong hair? Then you should follow our coveted insider tip!

The perfect combination of our three miracle products (Wonder Mask, Wonderoil, and Shampoo) conjures up silky, strong and healthy hair!


Our all-rounder, the "Wonderoil" is very multifaceted and can not only be used as daily care, but also for styling, as a finish and as an intensive care treatment. For dry hair that requires a lot of care, we recommend applying the hair oil as a treatment to the previously moistened scalp and leaving it to work for at least an hour. The hair is supplied with the 100% natural active ingredients, minerals and antioxidants of the cold-pressed oils and is richly nourished.

The result: healthy and strong hair through the miracle of nature!


The perfect complement after the hair oil treatment is Le Mélange Shampoo! It is free of silicones and parabens, very mild and also on a natural basis. A pure cleaning and care shampoo, which serves to thoroughly remove pollutants that have deposited in the hair and thus relieve the hair. We recommend washing your hair with our shampoo after the hair oil treatment and then applying the natural Wonder Mask!


We have developed a hair mask that is not just basic hair care, but much more! The Wonder Mask takes care of your hair structure Moisturizes, regenerates and tames frizzy hair. Your hair is not only cared for, it is strengthened by the numerous nutrients and gains natural shine and suppleness. Our Wonder Mask is enriched with hair oil's 100% natural cold-pressed oils, vitamins and minerals. After washing with the shampoo, you can carefully massage the mask into the lengths and ends of your hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

With this intensive hair care treatment, you will never have to go without supple and strong hair again!

Intensive Haircare