Curling iron set: how to find the perfect curling iron?

Not all curling irons are the same. Depending on how long and full your hair is and what kind of curls you want to have, you need different curling irons.

The diameter and the coating play a major role. We show you what you need to pay attention to so that you are happy with your curling iron set for as long as possible.

What kind of curls do you want to style?

  • Small curls or curling iron for short hair
  • To create particularly small curls, a curling iron with a diameter of up to 14 mm is sufficient. This diameter is also suitable for short hair. Because to get beautiful curls, the hair must be wrapped around the curling iron several times, if possible. Therefore, a small diameter is best for short hair.

  • Medium sized coarse curls
  • If you don't want small corkscrew curls, but coarser, gently falling curls, you should choose a diameter of 14-19 mm for your curling iron. If you have very long hair, you can also choose one size larger. However, for coarse curls in medium length hair, this diameter is perfect.

  • Large curls or curling iron for long hair
  • With a curling iron of 25 mm and more you can style big curls. The shorter your hair is, the less pronounced the curls will be. Medium length and short hair will get more sweeping waves.

    For very long hair, you should definitely choose a large diameter so that you don't have to wrap your hair around the curling iron too often. Because this causes the heat does not reach all the hair and the curls do not hold as well.

    If you want to style different people or get different results depending on the occasion, you can use a curling iron set with multiple attachments. That way, you'll always have the right diameter for the perfect curl.

    The best possible heat protection with the right curling iron set

    The difference between high-quality and cheap curling iron sets lies mainly in how gentle they are for the hair. You know you have a good curling iron set when the temperature can be regulated and it has an all-ceramic or titanium coating. Not only does this surface wear down very slowly, but it also distributes heat evenly throughout the hair and prevents individual hairs from burning.

    Try our limited edition Le Melange curling iron set with digital temperature display and two attachments!

    Even a simple ceramic coating protects the hair, but wears off faster and can still cause burns.

    But even with the best curling iron in the world, you should never be without heat protection to protect your hair and avoid hair breakage, split ends and burns.

    Le Mélange Curler

    Le Mélange Curler

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