Our Curly Hairstyles

Small corkscrew curls bis too big signature waves? That's no problem with our large selection of attachments!
High-quality curlers in a set? There are many possibilities in the world of accessories. But the Le Mélange 5 in 1 curler set definitely doesn't have to hide from the competition. On the contrary: the innovative technology behind the titanium curlers knows how to convince across the board - typically Le Mélange!

It doesn't matter whether it's curls without much effort or voluminous and at the same time unique waves - the simple operation and reliable technology ensure a head of hair that guarantees envious looks! The 5 "heads" with different diameters (32 mm, 25 mm, 19 mm, 18/9 mm, 25/18 mm) leave nothing to be desired - we promise!

Application tip:

  1. Before styling your hair, we recommend protecting your hair from the effects of heat with our "Heatprotect & Stylingspray". It not only protects the hair from heat up to 300 degrees, but also builds up the hair fibers with the keratin building blocks and gives the hair more volume and hold without sticking!
  2. Put on the curling iron attachment of your choice and let it heat up to 230 degrees Celsius.
  3. Before use, we recommend brushing the hair thoroughly and dividing it into sections to achieve a defined result.
  4. Now you can easily wrap and style the individual strands around the curling iron. (Tip: if you are unsure about handling, we recommend wearing the supplied glove)
  5. For the perfect shine, we recommend adding three to four drops of Wonderoil to the ends of your hair as a finish.