Which curl type am I?

Not all curls are created equal - they range from gentle waves to tight curls and corkscrews. That curly hair has different care needs than straight hair is clear, but each curl type also needs its own care routine. Basically, the curlier the hair, the more moisture it needs. In addition, styling products like curling creams help to define the beautiful structure of the hair.

We'll show you what different types of curls there are and how best to care for your hair. By the way, you should not see the classification too strictly: Most curly heads have more than one curl type.

Hair type 1: Straight hair

Even straight hair is not always straight hair. This hair texture is divided into hair types 1a, 1b and 1c. With 1a hair you have absolutely smooth, fine and cuddly hair, while hair type 1c is very thick, strong, but also absolutely smooth hair. Hair type 1b is the middle of the two.

While curly hair tends to be dry, straight hair tends to get greasy quickly. Also, fine hair charges electrically very well, so it sticks out in all directions after brushing. With a good shampoo and a conditioner you can get the whole thing under control.

Also Hair oil also helps to strengthen the hair, make it shiny and even stimulates hair growth.

If you have very frizzy or dry hair despite high-quality care, it could be that you don't have straight hair at all, but waves or curls.

Curls type 2: Wavy hair

You have curls type 2, if your hair has a slight wavy shape or even strongly pronounced waves with some real curls. Here, too, we distinguish between 3 categories.

Type 2a: The hair has light, gently curved waves, but stays close to the head and is very fine.

Type 2b: The hair has natural beach waves and is slightly thicker and more defined than type 2a.

Type 2c: The hair gains volume from the fine waves.

The more texture the hair has, the drier it usually is as well. A moisturizing shampoo in combination with a conditioner and a hair mask can work wonders. To define your waves and not weigh them down, you should use lightweight products without silicones. Also, your shampoo should be sulfate-free so as not to dry out your hair unnecessarily.

Curls type 3: Corkscrew curls

If your hair falls not only in waves, but as bouncy, defined curls, you might have curl type 3.

Type 3a: You have big, bouncy, well-defined curls.

Type 3b: Unlike type 3a, your curls have more volume and a smaller circumference: they are about as wide as a lipstick.

Type 3c: You have tight corkscrew curls with about the circumference of a pencil. This is curl type 3 with the thickest and coarsest hair.

To prevent frizz and define your curls nicely with type 3, you need styling products in addition to shampoo and conditioner. The Curling Cream from Le Melange gives your curls moisture, elasticity and definition without weighing them down.

Curl type 4: Frizzy hair

With curl type 4, you have very thick, tightly coiled and sometimes frizzy hair that is almost impossible to define without the right care and styling products.

Type 4a: Tightly coiled, spiraling strands of hair with the circumference of a crochet hook.

Type 4b: You have tight, dense curls with an S-shape that can appear brittle and dry.

Type 4c: The curls bend at sharp angles and form more of a Z shape instead of an S shape. This is also referred to as kinky hair or kinks.

Curl type 4 is the most demanding hair type. This hair type is often worn gently in braids or twists, as these hairstyles are easier to maintain. Type 4 hair also looks beautiful open, but then needs one thing above all else: moisture. Curling Creams provide the hair with just that and help define tight curls and kinks, giving them elasticity and bounce. Also, regular oil treatments with a Hair Oil help against brittleness and dry strands and ensure strong, healthy curls.
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