About Le Mélange

Nature. Without compromise.


Natural hair care products – many manufacturers now advertise them. We at Le Mélange stand behind our high-quality products 100% and promise what is written on the packaging: 100% natural oils – dermatologically tested and completely free of silicones, perfume and parabens! For this we only use selected raw materials of outstanding quality.

What primarily sounds like the usual “marketing blah-blah” is our passion and at the same time our motivation!

Therefore, our ethical conviction is also a matter of course: We do not test our products on animals at all.

We want to stand out clearly from other “natural” hair care products and therefore use only “the best of the best”.

Sustainability? Matter of honor.


Natural hair care? Fair enough. But more interesting is how we guarantee this standard. Quite simply: Through a sophisticated system! Every product – whether hair oil, shampoo or conditioner – is not only tested for quality, but must also prove its “origin”. We regularly and unannounced visit the various farmers who are responsible for the supply of coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, walnut oil and other oils from our product range. But that’s not all, because not only the ecological aspects are examined on site, but also the working conditions for the respective local employees. Sounds good? Is good! We would like to leave a better and more sustainable world for our children – we can only make a small contribution to this with our products, but we stand 100% behind this motto!


Beautiful hair – On Instagram or in advertising of course. In real life? A rarity. We wanted and still want to change that, because a fresh look should be available for everyone!

The products of Le Mélange write an extraordinary success story not only in Germany, but also on the rest of the world! Many top hairstylists swear by our products and the lasting effect. The motto? Class instead of mass!

Our claim is therefore almost a logical conclusion: We want the maximum for our clientele without betraying our ethical views – that’s why we dedicate ourselves daily and guarantee top quality at fair prices!

So if you are looking for natural hair care products and high quality equipment for your own salon or home, which really deliver what the advertising promises, there is no getting around Le Mélange.

The perfect application of the hair oil

Before washing your hair

Spread 2-4 strokes of Le Mélange Hair Oil on the palm of your hand and massage into the tips and lengths of dry hair. After 30 minutes you can wash the oil out with colder water and blow-dry or air-dry the hair. Tip from a professional: Leave the treatment on overnight so that the oil can develop its full power deep into the roots.

As styling aid and finish

As if the previous attributes weren’t already quite convincing, Le Mélange hair oil is also excellent for use as a styling aid and finish. Simply massage the oil into dry hair and let it work in. The advantage? The strands are coated and receive a strong protection against the heat of hair dryers and straightening irons.

Attention: Dose the hair oil sparingly and let the hair cool down, otherwise the hair could look greasy!

After the hair wash

Le Mélange hair oil unfolds its effect even more efficiently when the hair is wet. Simply massage the oil into wet hair during or after the shower. For extra boost: place a towel over the hair after the oil has been massaged in. Use a hairdryer to lightly cover the towel until a pleasant warmth develops. The advantage: the hair oil opens the pores under the influence of the warm air and allows the oil to penetrate even deeper.

Mixing into the paint

A relatively simple and at the same time ingenious tip was brought to us from the community: Le Mélange hair oil can also be mixed perfectly into the hair color before coloring and thus provides the extra power for a wonderful hair splendor!

Further advantages

Okay, now the advantages of Le Mélange hair oil are obvious. We have listed the most important points again:

  • Suppleness
  • nourishes and protects against stressed and brittle hair
  • moisturizes
  • no static charge
  • natural shine
  • helps against dandruff
  • dispels greasy hair
  • prevents hair loss