Le Melange Story

CEO and developer of Le Mélange
Filiz Cercis:

Yes, I also have thicker hair due to genetics. But it wasn't always like that. At the age of 17 I had a very, very, very difficult time and a lot of stress, so I got extreme hair loss and lost half my mane! I lost my self esteem and cried every night because I couldn't stop it.
I've tried everything: shampoos, hair loss ointments and several pills that my doctor prescribed me, but absolutely nothing helped me to stop my hair loss! During this period, I completed my technical diploma in the chemical field and thereby acquired a certain amount of specialist knowledge, which I implemented at this point. I have decided to develop my own product that will help me with my own problem of stopping my "hair loss"! I've also experimented before and made my own hair care products, but this time my goal was to develop a product that can solve all the problems a person can have with their hair! It was a requirement for me that the products I use and all active ingredients are natural and not harmful in any way! This is how Le Mélange hair oil was born! I first tested it on myself and after just 2 uses my hair loss stopped completely and my hair gradually got stronger and grew faster and faster! It was my own miracle oil that solved my problem and therefore it is and always will be the Wonderoil for me! I believe in the power of natural active ingredients and the theory behind it has been confirmed by me and by many others who have used it to this day!
Thank you for your trust and support!
Le Mélange - based on a true story of a 17 year old girl.
Filiz Cercis.
Le Melange before and after